Our Guiding Principles:

Customer Orientation

Our primary objectives are to understand and satisfy the requirements of our many customers and clientele and to surpass their expectations.



By means of a modern management philosophy, characterised by continual improvement and personal involvement of the Directors, FAZCO aspires to excel in all areas of its activity.

Corporate Responsibility

We are deeply convinced that a successful company, in addition to seeking profit, has a duty to play a defined role outside of the corporate sphere. Corporate Responsibility and social awareness to FAZCO is an important part of our daily operations and overall contribution to society.

Corporate Ethics

FAZCO's success has only been possible as a result of our strict adherence to the following principles

  • Mutual Respect

  • Pride and Integrity

  • Maximisation of Value

  • Confidentiality

'Our major assets are our customers. Their maximum satisfaction is our primary objective'. FAZCO commits to supply its customers with optimal value and to constantly improve the quality and range of its products. Company policy guarantees complete traceability throughout all transactions and operations.

Commercial Partners

FAZCO's approach to commercial partnerships is a relationship and communication based approach based on collaboration, transparency and the sharing of business objectives, so that both parties are able to derive maximum satisfaction from the relationship in terms of both profitability and human relations.

Corporate Overview